Call us  354 Blue River Parkway, Silverthorne, Colorado (behind the Farm Stand..near Comfort Dental)

Post Office Box 281 Silverthorne, Colorado 80498 970-468-0450

creating whatever is best

Taking you slightly out of your comfort zone and into a little adventurous place.

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small is beautiful

Small batches of ice cream are what we are about. We are able to change our flavors weekly, even daily to fit the mood of our customers. If its a rainy weekend, we will churn up some smooth coffee. If it's hot out, we'll follow the skies with our refreshing key lime pie that tastes just like key lime pie, buttered graham cracker crust and all.

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Our Philosphy

We know ice cream is decadent in your healthy life style, but somewhere in you is a little kid wanting to treat yourself once in a while. We will make flavors that completely throw away any thoughts of dieting, but we will also make flavors that aren't so decadent and have, well, maybe some vitamin C or extra nutrient you are looking for. Just have fun and enjoy the moment our ice cream hits your tastebuds.

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Fresh Ingredients

Higgles Ice Cream will never use artificial colors to dazzle your eyes. We believe that nature provides enough amazing and subtle colors for us to entice you.

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Always Live by Your Feedback

We want your comments and suggestions to make our flavors the best they can be. We will take our knowledge of making premium ice cream with your ideas and merge them into a great batch of ice cream.

Summertime is the only time we scoop our ice cream. When you have a hankering for our premium ice cream, please find our pints at The Local Market or the Breckenridge Market and Liquor Store (next to the post office), both in Breckenridge, and Whole Foods in Frisco!